MedMarathon: A Medical Books Marathon – The Introduction

​This is the start of something great. It always starts small but it will end big. I’ll be marking my calendar now as I’m challenging myself to finish all my medical books before December ends. 

I’m talking about Guyton and Hall Medical Physiology, Robbin and Cotran Pathology, Nelson Pediatrics, Pharmacology and Harisson Internal Medicine part 1. (Harisson has 2 parts and it’s not realistic to include it since it’s equivalent would be three to four books.)

Though you may think of me as crazy as I’ve set my unrealistic goal and timeframe, you’re correct because I also thought the same thing. On the bright side, this activity will keep me motivated and help me be productive. This will be my preparation for the future medical boardexam that I will be taking. I hope that you will bear with me throughout my journey. I’ll update you all with my progress. I’m not doing this for publicity stunt since I’m not a public figure and I’m only deceiving myself and not my readers if that happens. 

This blog will be my platform to gain encouragement, motivation and support. I just wanted to document my progress, share my methods and hopefully inspire others. 



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